Upasana's happy fan moments after meeting Bill Gates

We all know Upasana Konidela, wife of Ram Charan, is part of several philanthropic initiatives which are undertaken by her family. She has already carved a niche for herself with her focus on leading a healthy lifestyle, and the entrepreneur has encouraged people to look for ways to live a sustainable life too.

Recently, when she went to Bangalore to speak at Indian Philanthropy Initiative, Upasana was thrilled to meet and also interact with Bill Gates, one of the richest man in the world. Over the years, the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates has supported several noble causes all over the world through his charity foundation, and India has always been his focus area.

Upasana couldn’t help but be thrilled that she interacted with Bill Gates to talk about ways to protect the planet and people, and she added that she will cherish the moment forever.